Our Practice

Our Practice

Defining the Art

Mention the word ‘fencing’ to anyone and they immediately think of the sport of fencing. Beyond that, to movie-goers and even martial artists, the word ‘fencing’ is synonymous with the sword. However the terms ‘fencing’ or ‘to fence’ have their origins in the Elizabethan slang word for ‘defence’ and ‘offence’. It is this definition that we have chosen to explore: Fencing as the art and science of combat.

The 1595 Club’s approach to the art of Fence offers:

  • A full martial system: ranging from unarmed combat to the study and practice of historical weapons.
  • The study of authentic swordsmanship and the art of arms.
  • A practical and effective form of self-defence.
  • The promotion of a philosophy of respect and goodwill:

“the more skill a man hath of his weapon the more gentle and curteous should he shewe himselfe, for in truth this is rightly the honour of a brave Gentleman, and so much the more is hee to bee esteemed : neither must he be a bragger, or lyer, and without truth in his word, because there is nothing more to be required of a man then to know himselfe”
Vincentio Saviolo