The Art and Science of
Western Martial Art

“…the more skill a man hath of his weapon the more gentle and curteous should he shewe himself …”
Vincentio Saviolo, ‘His Practise’, 1595

Welcome to the 1595. club

The 1595 Club is a martial arts school dedicated to the practice and study of the fighting arts of Europe. Our primary inspiration is the work of the sixteenth century soldier, philosopher and master of fence - Vincentio Saviolo, and it is from the year of publication of “His Practise” that the club takes its name.

We believe that this beautiful and remarkable art should be more than just a historical curiosity - rather than trying to re-enact a lost martial form the 1595 Club endeavours to explore the martial philosophy and fighting science of Saviolo and apply these principles and techniques to other weapons and weapon combinations not examined in ‘His Practise’ and, perhaps most importantly, use these as thebasis for a system of unarmed self-defence and combat.

Photo: Dave Bulling
Photo: Dave Bulling